Powershovel’s micro earthmoving machinery

allows you to access to hard to get places, See it in action!


POWERSHOVEL Products – Sells & Services:

POWERSHOVEL Australia is recognised as a leading manufacturer of micro earthmoving machinery, bringing a tough, dynamic and reliable machine to every tradesperson, business owner, DIY enthusiast and retiree. POWERSHOVEL diggers and excavators are simple by design, robust and you can depend on products made here in Australia.

Machines of POWERSHOVEL Australia for landscaping and construction are the perfect fit for: 

  • Tradesman
  • 1 man business
  • Small business
  • People that want a budget machine
  • Retirees
  • Young entrepreneurs just started landscaping business
  • Plumbers
  • Landscapers
  • Electricians
  • Hire Companies
  • Rental Companies

POWERSHOVEL Products – Sells & Services – Australian Made Quality   

Mini Excavator – Mini Dumper – Mini Digger
Attachments – Spare Parts – Auger Drive Earth Drill – Drills – Rock Breaker For Demolition


You bought an POWERSHOVEL Mini Excavator | Mini Dumper 
Now its time for you to sit in the operator’s seat and locate the ignition key. Do not forget to keep an eye on the fuel level, oil pressure, and engine temperature. Now, get a feel of the motion of the joysticks by moving them around. There will be two long steel rods between the legs that are your driving controls. These two control the rotation of the track, and the machine moves forward when both are pushed forward. There are two more controls on either side of the floorboard. The one on the left is operated with the left foot to accelerate the movement of the machine. The right control has a two way pedal to pivot the hoe of the machine. You can now start maneuvering your machine, but make sure both the hoe boom and front blade are raised. Get used to the speed and handling mechanism of your machine by walking it around a bit. Now, push forward the control handle on your right hand side console to lower the dozer blade. You can swing it up by moving forward the left joystick and the secondary boom. All said and done, mastering the process will certainly take some time. Keep practicing as much as you can to understand all your controls.

Vision & Mission Statement of POWERSHOVEL
The vision Of POWERSHOVEL is to be the leading supplier of micro earthmoving machinery in Australasia and beyond, through an underpinning commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation and continuous improvement. POWERSHOVEL Australia’s mission is to improve people’s livelihoods by innovation and continual development of mechanization. The team at POWERSHOVEL Australia is always committed to exceptional customer service protocols, we welcome any interaction with our clients, and we are available at anytime, anywhere.



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