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You can only buy ERLING machine spare parts from us online.

We sell direct as this reduces the need for complex dealer networks. In dealing direct with the manufacturer you receive a 12month or 1000hrs product warranty. Supply of parts is quick and easy, all you have to do is order and pay online and we guarantee 24-48hr delivery service Australia wide.


More and more earthmoving machinery are becoming more and more complex, making them harder and harder to repair and fix yourself.

Simple maintenance and repair procedures, whether they happen in the shop or in the field, are critical considerations when purchasing any piece of machinery. At ERLING Australia, all our machines are designed with ease of maintenance and repair by our clients in mind. Service intervals are very minimal therefore downtime is less costly.

All Erling machines are designed with standardisation of parts, making maintenance quick and easy and stocking of parts are kept to a minimum. All working parts ie, hydraulic cylinders, fluid lines, engines, tracks and rolling stock are easily maintained or replaced when required. Therefore you only have a small stockholding of crucial parts, your overhead costs.

All wear parts on the machine are adjustable to compensate for wear, extending the intervals between replacements. The end result of this easy maintenance program and spare parts access is greatly reduced running costs.

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